Discover the Best of Oahu With These Top 10 Tours & Activities

Most the tours & activities that we’ve listed offer FREE and EASY cancellations, just cancel within 48-hours prior to your tour time!

Experience an unforgettable adventure as majestic humpback whales, acrobatic spinner dolphins, and curious bottlenose dolphins play in the waters around Oahu this winter! Embark on a whale and dolphin-watching tour led by experienced guides who will share their knowledge of these beautiful creatures. For nature lovers or anyone looking for something unique – don’t miss out on this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to witness marine life at its best in gorgeous Hawaii.

Watch the Sunset on a Boat Cruise

Enjoy an evening of luxury and serenity with a sunset cruise tour off the shores of Waikiki beach. Soak up stunning views as you sail away on a luxurious boat accompanied by calming live music. Feast on local delicacies from the delicious dinner buffet before taking in Oahu’s breathtaking sunset over the Pacific Ocean – all while spotting some dolphins and other marine life! A perfect romantic activity for couples or anyone looking to relax, this is one way to end your day that will guarantee complete satisfaction.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Oahu when you book a once-in-a-lifetime snorkeling tour to swim with magnificent green sea turtles. Protected by Hawaii, these gentle giants live off the coast of Oahu, and visitors can observe their behaviors up close as they glide through crystal clear waters. During your adventure, experienced guides will provide information about local marine life and our beloved turtle friends while offering an unforgettable experience that mustn’t be missed!

Discover the remarkable aquatic life of Oahu and explore a world beneath its crystal-clear waters on an exclusive tour like no other. Marvel at mesmerizing coral reefs as you glide effortlessly through its depths seated upon your own electric scooter, propelled by a powerful motor! This experience is suitable for all ages and experience levels. These underwater excursions are carefully guided by experienced staff who share their knowledge about the marine environment while pointing out exotic species amidst this spectacular scenery. Don’t miss this unique adventure when visiting Oahu – dive in to discover something remarkable!

Luau in Oahu

Enjoy a vibrant, once-in-a-lifetime evening of cultural delights with Tao Luau in Oahu! Sample the finest Hawaiian cuisine on offer – Kalua pig, poi and lomi lomi salmon feature prominently. As you dine alfresco amid awe inspiring views from the outdoor venue, be treated to live music performances and thrilling hula dances. Participate in traditional activities like lei making or take part yourself — immerse yourself fully into this unique experience for visitors and locals alike!

A wonderland awaits off the coast of Kaneohe Bay in Oahu, Hawaii. The celebrated Kaneohe Sandbar is a must-see destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike – though only accessible by boat. Here visitors can take part in all sorts of aquatic experiences such as swimming, snorkeling or even paddle boarding while marveling at the crystal clear waters filled with diverse marine life. Those who prefer to just relax and enjoy their surroundings are treated to an unforgettable picnic experience on its sandy shores – complete with delectable food you brought yourself! 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity when visiting Oahu; explore what wonders await around every corner of the beautiful Kaneohe Sandbar!

Take a journey back in time and explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs on Oahu’s Jurassic Park Adventure Tour! Embark through lush tropical rainforests, home to life-sized animatronic beasts that will amaze you. Discover authentic film locations from the blockbuster movies while learning about their incredible history and science led by knowledgeable tour guides. Besides these ancient creatures, uncover local plants & wildlife unique to Hawaii – an experience not soon forgotten!

The Jurassic Park Adventure Tour is a fun and educational activity for all ages and is a must-do for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Enjoy a Sunset Picnic at the Beach

Make your beach day in Oahu unforgettable with a custom luxury picnic! Enjoy sumptuous gourmet food and drinks while soaking up the enchanting scenery of sun-soaked sand, crystal blue waters, and sweeping views. Take advantage of our experienced professionals who will handle everything from setting to cleaning up – allowing you to enjoy an intimate evening or fun outing without worry. Make that special occasion extra special or just spend some quality time onto yourself – experience the ultimate escape with a unique picnicking adventure on one of Hawaii’s finest beaches!

Open-Door Helicopter Tour over Oahu

Experience the beauty of Oahu from a unique perspective with a helicopter tour flying around the island. On this tour, you’ll soar above the island’s stunning landscapes, taking in breathtaking coastline views, waterfalls, and lush rainforests. The tour is led by experienced pilots who will provide you with information about the history and culture of the island as you fly over iconic landmarks such as Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, and the North Shore. The helicopter tour is a thrilling and memorable way to see the island and is suitable for all ages. Whether you’re a visitor to Oahu or a local looking to experience the island in a new way, a helicopter tour is a must-do activity.